Getting Ready for Teaching English in Korea

Getting Started!

Please read carefully information available about Korea as much as possible.

Please prepare your resume, coverletter and professional photo and then Apply through our website.

After an initial screening, your files will be moved to a Job Hunting process which means your files are being shown to your future schools.

Once the interview has requested, we will notify you via email/Skype/mobile.

  • Prepare your resume

    Please make a professional resume that empathize your teaching related experiences.

    Photo is the first impression, so make a professional one as well.

    Coverletter should be well written.

  • Qualify Yourself

    Teaching may be challenging even though it’s your mother tongue.

    Consider doing a TESOL/TEFL/TESL course if you don’t have one yet.

  • Prepare Interviews

    Review questions frequently asked

    Setting up Skype for a video interview

  • Talk with

    Please talk with us what you think and any question you might have.

    Talk with the current native teachers to get a clear idea.

  • Sign a Contract!

    When you think it is just right for me, then you are ready to sign a contract.

Make It Roll!

Please start gathering necessary documents for visa.

CRC(Criminal Record Check) takes three to eight weeks!

If you do not start now, you may lose a wonderful opportunity or cannot make it for your dream job.

For the interview tips, please ask your placement manager. He will provide you with useful tips!

Getting nervous? Please relax and enjoy it.

Job interviews are often just like bit more official than formal conversation.

Process Step 1

Here is the quick list of the documents:

Passport sized photos


Passport that doesn’t expire in six month

The original CRC Apostilled(Consulate stamped)

A notarized copy of university degree apostilled(Consulate stamped)

Signed contract

Other documents needed

  • Collect Documents

    Collecting documents should start at the beginning of the process, even before setting up interviews.

  • Send your Docs

    Send your documents to TJ Recruiting using Fedex or DHL.

    Your documents are valuable so don’t send them in cheaper or regular postal mail.

  • Visa Issuance Number

    Visa Issuance Number is something that confirms you are eligible for visa.

    With that number, you can get visa stamp on your passport.

  • Apply for VISA

    Follow the directions you received from our VISA representative.

    VISA process takes about 2-5 business days except mailing days.

  • Prepare Your Departure

    Pack things, purchase the plane ticket, and follow along information you receive from our Placement Manager.

  • Arrival!

    Arrival instruction is sent to you by Placement Manager.

    Our Placement Manager will arrange somebody to meet you at the designated spot.

Getting VISA!

Getting a VISA is always exciting!

Please don’t postpone sending all documents with your visa issuance number to the Korean consulate nearby.

VISA takes about 2-5 business days plus mailing days if you mail it.

You are getting 13 month teaching VISA!

When you get VISA, please notify your Place Manager so that he can arrange your arrival.

The First Things to Do in Korea

Arriving Korea, your adventure become real.

Try to be open-minded and be a easygoing person.

Be adaptable, try new things as many as possible.

Oh, don’t forget to make new friends. Not only westerners but also Koreans.

If you have complains? Please consult with us before talking to your co-teacher or the director.

You will enjoy and love teaching English in Korea.

  • Orientation/Training

    1-5 days of orientation or training is arranged by the main office or the school you are placed.

  • Start Teaching

    Meet the director, co-teachers, staffs, and most importantly, your students at the school and start teaching!

  • Try New Food and Culture

    Don’t only look for western restaurants and what you used to take.

    Korean food is considered health and for well-being. Try one or two at first and expand your menus!

  • Medical Checkup

    One of the first thing you have to do is medical checkup.

    It includes a drug and HIV test. ** If one of them or both are positive, the one’s visa is cancelled and he should return back to his country.

  • Getting ARC

    ARC(Alien Registration Card) is something like a social security card. You need it to open a back account, get a cell phone, get a high speed internet and so on.

  • Registering You to the Office of Education

    According to Korean Education Law, all teachers should be registered to the Office of Education.

    Registration is the last process you have to do in Korea.

Get Registered

Your salary is transferred to your bank account and of course it’s a Korean bank account.

You don’t have one? Don’t worry. It’s very easy to get.

However you need an ARC(Alien Registration Card).

Your Placement Manager will guide your school to get you ARC. All you need to do is getting a medical checkup as soon as possible.

You have to go to the immigration office because they take your finger print since 2012.

The last process is Office of Education registration.

Enjoy Korean life with your ARC!