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Running Out of Teaching Ideas? Here are 400 Free English Lessons.

Free English Lessons for ESL Teachers

Stocking up on fresh ideas and lessons can be a tall order.

I remember when I first started teaching. My school hadn’t prepared any curriculum for me, so I was forced to draft my own. I would spend a few hours every morning scouring the internet for awesome ideas, distill them into a single file, and use that for a day or two. After a few months, I exhausted those online resources, and had to venture into Seoul’s bookstores for great English textbooks. Even then, I never found any material that really satisfied my or my students’ goals.


Hal and Steve English


I tried all of the trusted and true texts, from “Let’s Speak” to “Open to Debate”. Each of these sources had unique and useful exercises, but nothing that ever felt like a fully fleshed out curriculum that I could instruct for months on end.

Since I’ve first arrived, I’ve moved on from middle school students into the adult teaching realm. I’ve enjoyed the transition, but the problems remain the same. Where can I find an engaging, dynamic curriculum?


Running Out of Teaching Ideas? Here are 400 Free English Lessons.


I couldn’t. So my partner Hal and I decided to create our own. We run a few adult English conversation schools in the Gyeonggi-Do area. With about 10 years experience between us, we figured that we could compile interesting lessons for our students.

I guess it’s worked out well. We’ve created over 400 lessons, spread over 4 different levels of English conversation. We focus explicitly on conversation. Korean students have already intensely studied grammar for years. By the time they’ve entered your class, whether they’re in grade school or adults, they understand the basics of English structure. They need to practice speaking. And I don’t mean listen and repeat. I mean actual conversation.

I invite you to check out our material. It’s all free right now, so you don’t have to pay for anything. Let me know what you think. I’m always available to answer questions, heed advice, or just plain ol’ chat if you need me. Shoot me a message at Steve@HalAndSteveEnglish.com

Here’s a sample lessons in case you want to peruse…