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Application via Mail Service

Application via Mail Service


The Ministry of Justice and The Korea Immigration Service announced ‘Application via Mail Service’. The subject is fascinating itself but the contents might be not as it’s only limited to those who reside in the island areas in South Korea. It is most unlikely our valuable teachers are placed in one of the island areas in South Korea. Most of them are being placed in urban cities through TJ Recruiting. Still we thought that it is a great idea to share it with you.


Seoul Immigration Office in Mokdong


The service covers all foreign residents applications except for alien registration which means for the ARC, you still have to drop by the Immigration Office nearby. It’s majorly for the fingerprints done which is now mandatory for all foreign residents since July 4th, 2011. Most of the information is from the immigration office.

Here is the details about ‘Application via Mail Service’.

What is the “Application via Mail Service?

It is a service that allows foreign residents in the island area to apply at the nearby post office and receive the result by mail

What is  the purpose of the Service?

The Service was designed to eliminate inconvenience caused to foreign residents in the island area when they visit a farway immigration office and spend the whole day for application.

What applications can you file through the Service?

All applications for foreign residents except for alien registration

How the Service works?

  1. Prepare your passport, ARC(Alien Registration Card), fees and other supporting documents
  2. Visit nearby post office
  3. Send the application via registered mail
  4. The result of the application will be sent back to you by mail



Immigration Office Announcement


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Kakao Talk – A Must Have App for Korea

Kakao Talk – A Must-Have App for Life in Korea!

Is your VISA in your passport and are your flights confirmed? Or are you almost there? If so, it’s time to prepare for your arrival in Korea. An important part of your arrival plan is for you to stay in close contact with your recruiter. In the past, we asked new arrivals to telephone us from Incheon Airport. The arrangement worked fairly well, but some of our friends found it inconvenient. New arrivals needed to go to the information desk or somewhere else in the airport concourse to locate a payphone.

So you might wonder if there is a more convenient way to contact people in Korea as soon as you arrive at Incheon International Airport. Why not use Kakao Talk? It is a free chatting and calling app for your smart devices (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows phone & Windows Desktop) and is used by 98.9% of Koreans. Most foreigners resident in Korea also use the app.

Why are Kakao’s services so popular?

The story begins a few years ago when Korean carrier services charged between 20 and 100 Korean won per text message (SMS, MMS and Multimedia message). You may think that 20 won (about 2 cents, U.S.) amounts to nothing. That’s what many young people thought until they discovered that they were exchanging so many texts that it would be cheaper simply to make a brief phone call.

Identifying a niche in the market, some bright spark came up with the idea of Kakao. Unlike carrier-provided messaging services, sending text messages via Kakao costs you nothing. Provided a user has access to a free Wi-Fi connection, sending even very long texts, large photo’s, and short videos is entirely free. Kakao also provides a selection of cute emoticons, both still and animated.

Kakao provides not only a messaging service but also such services as Kakao Story, Kakao Group, and Kakao Place. In order to make use of these services, you need to create a Kakao account using your email. When you have a Kakao account, you can also create your own Kakao ID to share with others!


Read More on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KakaoTalk


Installing Kakao Talk on Your Smart Device

Kakao website: www.kakao.com

Kakao supports many platforms and is available on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone. There is also a PC version.

Please visit iTunes Store or Play Store and search for ‘Kakao Talk.’ Alternatively, click on the appropriate link below.

Download Links:

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id362057947

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kakao.talk&hl=en

BlackBerry: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/76029/?lang=en

Windows Phone: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/kakaotalk/6bb928fe-f012-468f-8f8e-9c42098ee783

PC: http://app.pc.kakao.com/talk/win32/KakaoTalk_Setup.exe

Installing Kakao Talk on an Android device

Search for ‘Kakao Talk’ on Google Play and touch the ‘INSTALL’ button. Then ‘ACCEPT’ the privileges of the App. Installation will begin.

2015-02-20 04.01.56 2015-02-20 04.02.02 2015-02-20 04.02.07

When you first run Kakao Talk, you have to activate the App using your mobile number. This does not need to be the number of the device on which you are installing Kakao Talk. Any number on which you can receive the four-digit verification number will work. Also, other Kakao users will use this number to find your Kakao account.


2015-02-20 04.03.44 2015-02-20 04.03.51 2015-02-20 04.04.01 2015-02-20 04.04.19

Once you have verified the number, you can log in to your existing Kakao account to restore friends and profile info. You can also skip this process.

2015-02-20 04.04.31

Unfortunately, the terms of service and the privacy policy are available only in Korean. Their content is much like  similar documents that you might encounter in your home country. They are in harmony with Korean privacy law.

2015-02-20 04.04.39 2015-02-20 04.04.43 2015-02-20 04.04.49

The last step is to create your profile. You can add your portrait and insert your name.

If you click the button entitled, ‘Add Automatically,’ Kakao will search your phone book to see if there are any other Kakao users among your contacts. It will add them automatically to your friends list.

2015-02-20 04.04.59

The friends list below is empty:

2015-02-20 04.05.24

Here is the Chat room:

2015-02-20 04.05.33


With Kakao, you can send a photo, a video, a voice note, a contact, or even your current location. Remember to try the cute emoticons.

2015-02-20 04.32.51 2015-02-20 04.32.56 2015-02-20 04.33.09 2015-02-20 04.33.18 2015-02-20 04.33.34 2015-02-20 04.33.49 2015-02-20 04.35.23 2015-02-20 04.35.52


You can add a friend by ID Search or by QR code:

2015-02-20 04.05.47

2015-02-20 04.05.56 2015-02-20 04.06.06 2015-02-20 04.06.422015-02-20 04.07.09




2015-02-20 04.07.52 2015-02-20 04.08.14 2015-02-20 04.08.27 2015-02-20 04.08.33 2015-02-20 04.08.43


Other Kakao Services:

2015-02-20 05.13.12 2015-02-20 05.14.13 2015-02-20 05.15.19 2015-02-20 05.15.39 2015-02-20 05.16.12 2015-02-20 05.16.47



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The 23th Daegwallyeong Snow Festival

A Winter Trip to a World of Snow:

Daegwallyeong Snow Festival in Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do


“When snow falls, all turn shining silver and silence spreads across the city of Pyeongchang in Gangwon-do. Pyeongchang’s snow scene is simply the most beautiful and peaceful.” – Visit Korea.

It is true. Please don’t miss the 23rd Daegwallyeong Snow Festival this year. The festival starts today, January 9th, 2015 and lasts 18th of January.

Period: January 9th ~ 18th (10 days)
Location: Hoinggye-ri, Daegwanryeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gwangwon province
Hours: 10:00 ~ 17:00
Event: Many are Scheduled
Exhibit: Snow Sculpture, Ice Sculpture, Snow Flakes Essay Contest
Experiences: Snow Sled, Ice Sled, Ice Slide, Snow Rafting, Snow Bobsleigh, Snow ATV, Ski, Igloo and so on
Sponsors: Gangwon Province Office, Pyeongchang Gun Office, Yongpyeong Resort, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and MILLET


How to get there:

It takes two and half from Seou, three and half from Daegu. If you live in Gangneung, it takes about 30 minutes!

If you are near Seoul, please take a bus to Hoenggye(횡계) at Dong Seoul Bus Terminal(동서울버스터미널). The buses live from 6:32am and the last bus lives at 8:05pm. There are buses in every 30 to 60 minutes.

If you are in Gangneung or Wonju, it is much easier. Buses are quite many and you can just catch any of them. Please remember the destination is Hoenggye(횡계).

If you can manage to take Shuttle bus between Yongpyeong Ski resort, or Alpensia and your location, it will be much easier to get there. You have to book to take the shuttle. Shuttle leaves in Seoul, Incheon, major cities in Gyeonggi province, Daejeon, Cheongju, Busan, Ulsan, Pohang, Daegu and Gumi.

Please visit booking page if you want to book online. Please ask your Korean friend to book because everything is in Korean. Her is the link: http://ypbus.co.kr/web2/main.jsp

For your convenience, I have generated a Google map location. I hope it helps.


Festival Schedule:

January 9th, 2015 Opening, Manseol-je
January 9th ~ 18th, 2015 Snow Rafting & ATV
January 9th ~ 18th, 2015 Snow Sled & Snow Bobsleigh
January 9th ~ 18th, 2015 Snow Shoe Walking & Drying Pollack
January 9th ~ 18th, 2015 Ice Sled & Top Spinning
January 9th ~ 18th, 2015 Ice Slide
January 10th, 2015 Snow Art & Literature Award


Admission & Experience Fee

Snow/Ice Sculpture 3,000krw
Snow Rafting 5,000krw
Snow Bobsleigh 5,000krw
Snow Sled 5,000krw
Ice Sled 5,000krw
Snow/Ice Slide 5,000krw
Snow ATV 10,000krw

* Those under age 5 or over age 65 are admission free. For the group rate, please call the travel agency: T. 02-2699-4568 / 010-2098-2585(Korean only)

Would you like see some photos? Please follow the link: http://www.snowfestival.net/photo
You can read an article about 22nd Snow Festival which was held 3rd of January through 12th, 2014 on Visit Korea’s Website.




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